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Same Day Weed Delivery Vancouver - Gastown Medicinal Online Dispensary

Find the highest quality same-day delivery weed at affordable prices right here at Gastown Medicinal. Regardless of where in Vancouver you’re located, you’ll always have access to affordable and quality marijuana products with Gastown weed delivery service!
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The #1 Online Weed Delivery Dispensary in Vancouver!

There are hundreds (if not thousands!) of medical cannabis dispensaries to choose from in Vancouver, but few of them will have your weed delivered as we do here at Gastown Medicinal. When you want to know that your marijuana is being sourced from reliable growers who focus on quality, but also maintain an affordable price, there’s no other alternative. After our thorough age screening process is complete you’ll be able to get same-day weed delivery (with discreet packaging) whenever you want!


Why is Gastown Medicinal the Best for Weed Delivery in Vancouver?

Vancouver is a region that is well-known for growing some of the most potent cannabis found on Earth, which can scare some newcomers away from trying cannabis. Whether you’re smoking for the first time or happen to be a veteran, using Gastown Medicinal for high-quality weed delivery in Vancouver is guaranteed to keep you happy.

Don’t settle for an online dispensary that doesn’t care about the satisfaction of their customers. Use a Vancouver weed delivery service that you can count on! Gastown is the best cannabis dispensary and even offers users a free gift when they’ve met our requirements.

Stellar Customer Service

Customer service is a top priority for us here at Gastown Medicinal, so if you ever have an issue with your order or account, we’ll make sure to fix things as quickly as possible!

Reliably Sourced

All of our Vancouver weed delivery products are grown to meet the standards of all customers, regardless of what they’re looking for. We apply the same sourcing process to our mushroom products as well.

Delivery Insurance

Fast free same day delivery can be had right here at Gastown, especially if you’re sick of lackluster services in the Lower Mainland. Shop with Gastown Medicinal today for discreet and quick shipping that services the entirety of Vancouver (Burnaby, North Vancouver, UBC, and more!).

Strain Variety

We offer multiple strains for both our cannabis, edibles, and mushroom products here at Gastown Medicinal. You don’t just have to stick with the “same old boring thing” anymore when you shop with us.

Potent Cannabis

Both our cannabis and mushroom products are unmatched when it comes to potency – if you want to feel the ultimate high, taking a crack at both of these is bound to put you in a much happier place!


All of your payments are 100% secure and handled by our verified payment processor during checkout. Your information is safe and will never be sold, stolen, or anything else that could compromise your online security.  We accept credit cards, bitcoin, AND cash on delivery!

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The Best Weed Delivery Vancouver Has to Offer

Our weed delivery service is 100% dedicated to providing customers with premium strains all throughout British Columbia. High quality products mesh together with affordable pricing to provide our clients the best quality weed in Canada at low prices. Finding the right flower can be difficult in Canada, but not anymore – shop with Gastown today and get your hands on the best weed delivery in Vancouver. Located in the Greater Vancouver Area? No worries, as we offer our weed delivery service to anybody in the region. .

How to Place an Order with Gastown Medicinal - Same Day Weed Delivery Vancouver



Take a look at all of the amazing cannabis products available here at Gastown Medicinal and figure out what you want to purchase.



Create an account

Create your FREE account and enter your personal details, this is where we’ll figure out your age and location, as well as other important information for your order. 


Pay securely

Make your payment using our 100% secure payment processor – your personal information is never at risk when you shop with Gastown Medicinal!  We accept credit cards or cash on delivery as well.


About Us

If you’ve lived in Canada during the legalization era, you already know how welcoming we are to cannabis; it used to be looked at as a social stigma, but nowadays, people are free to walk down the street and smoke a joint as they feel fit. This means that those of us who have been smoking for decades now can finally come out of our shells and experience what the world has to offer! This is why we started Gastown Medicinal! It only made sense to create a business that was developed by true “potheads” who can offer the best price.

Always Striving for More

We’re constantly researching new cannabis products to bring into the mix, as well as sniff out strains of Indica or Sativa (and even a hyrbid strain) that we can introduce to all of our customers. You’re only as good as your last batch in this game, which is precisely why we work with certified growers who are licensed and know what it takes to grow quality marijuana plants. Although we’re offering “cheap weed online”, you’re still getting a high-quality smoke that will stack up to some more expensive strains.

The RIGHT Online Dispensary for You

You don’t have to search high and low for a company that’s going to keep your best interests in mind, as Gastown Medicinal is entirely dedicated to providing our clients with not only affordable cannabis and cannabis concentrates, but even magic mushrooms as well. Treating chronic pain can seem like an impossible feat at times, but that’s only if you’ve avoided the medical marijuana space (until now, of course). The benefits of smoking a particular strain are obvious and have been researched for years now, so even if you were “anti-bud” in the past, it’s legal now! With that being said, there will always be lackluster online dispensary options, which makes Gastown Medicinal that much more important.

Get Started with Your New Online Dispensary Today

You don’t have to wait for somebody to pick up a phone or drag yourself across town to visit the dispensary, you can just count on us for guaranteed lowest prices, but still high-grade cannabis. Our cheap ounces are still high in THC and CBD content, and the likes of our Purple Kush are a fan favourite. We’re based in British Columbia as well, which is the “home of Bud” here in Canada – so you already know we’re a knowledgeable provider of cannabis concentrates. You can even order THC distillate and alternative weed products here! We have a wide selection of edibles and you can always contact us to learn more – there’s free shipping on orders of $150 or more.

Don’t settle for one of those shady online dispensaries that are only looking to turn a profit and try something reliable for a change. If you’re sick and tired of receiving weed in the mail and being disappointed with the results, never fear, as Gastown Medicinal is here to help you out.


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