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What You Should Know About Cannabis Concentrate?

What You Should Know About Cannabis Concentrate?

Cannabis concentrates are concentrated CBD and THC extracted from cannabis flowers. Concentrates contain a high amount of cannabinoids found in dried flowers. Their potency can go as high as 90 percent, which is why some users can have unpleasant experiences when they first try it. But if consumed properly and in moderation, cannabis concentrates can be effectively used by recreational and medicinal users.

Patients who are looking for a quick potent dose of marijuana to ease their symptoms might find vaporizing or dabbing concentrates an efficient way to give them relief. Clean and pure concentrates are also considered to be a more healthier choice when compared to smoking because they remove resin-producing plant material.

What are forms of Cannabis Concentrate?

Let us take a look at some of its common forms and which one is best for you.

  1. Shatter (Sheets, Glass, Slabs) – Smooth, solid and clear, shatter is considered as one of the purest and most potent forms. It goes through a second round of extraction where fats, waxes and lipids are removed, and gives around 80 percent THC. The extra extraction, though, means that a lot of terpenes are removed in the process.
  2. Wax (Honeycomb, Budder, Crumble) – Cannabis wax has lost its transparency because of extraction. It can take on various consistencies based on moisture, heat and oil texture before it is purged. Oils that are runnier have more moisture, forming a gooey wax called “budder.” The harder ones, on the other hand, has a brittle texture called “honeycomb” or “crumble.” Wax usually retain more terpenes with a high THC percentage, and are more flavorful.
  3. Oil (Hash Oil, Supercritical CO2 Oil, Butane Hash Oil, RSO, BHO) – Sticky and gooey, cannabis oil can be a bit hard to handle. Because of this, oils are usually offered in plastic syringes to facilitate ease of use. This form retains a full flavor, although its THC levels are less consistent.
  4. Rosin (Resin, Live Rosin) – The clarity and consistency of rosin ranges from creamy budder to clear shatter. Instead of solvents, its extraction uses high pressure and low heat to get the concentrates from hash or flower. Anyone can easily make their own rosin with flower, hair straightener and parchment paper.
  5. Kief (Pollen, Dry Sift) – Kief are small sticky crystals covering marijuana flowers. Because of the terpenes and cannabinoids concentration in resin glands, separating kief from the plant matter is a good way to consume marijuana as this decreases the amount of charred material that gets inside the body.
  6. Hash (Bubble Hash, Ice Water Hash, Hashish) – Hash is kief that has been adequately pressurized and heated so that it forms a soft, green ball. When heat and pressure is applied to it, the kief’s resin glands rupture, changing its composition and producing various consistencies.

Cannabis concentrates can be consumed in many ways, each one with a different difficulty level and required equipment. They are popularly consumed via dab or vape pens, or with dab rigs. There are also patients who coat their bowls or joints with it to get an added dose of relief from their symptoms. Since cannabis concentrates are usually sticky, it is recommended that they are stored in non-stick silicone containers or parchment paper.

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