Island Pink Kush (AAA)


Effects: Body High, Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing,
May Relieve: Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Nausea
Aromas: Floral, Pungent, Skunky, Sweet, Gassy


(13 customer reviews)
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Purchase this item and get 40-125 Points $1.00-$3.13 


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Island Pink Kush is an indica dominant hybrid with an 80%/20% indica/sativa ratio. Made by crossing pink kush with an unknown indica hybrid, the strain is very popular despite its mysterious origins.


It has a rapid onset with strong feelings of euphoria. Frequent users of the strain report the munchies as being very common. The rapid onset slowly fades into a deep, heavy, yet ultimately calm experience. Evening/night use is recommended due to these heavy effects. It’s sedative effects can be great for people with insomnia, and fans of the strain report island pink kush as being very helpful with their mental health.

Taste and Appearance

Island Pink Kush is renowned for its beautiful appearance. It’s neon green buds feature spade shaped nugs covered in creamy white trichomes and deep pink pistils. The strain features a noticeably skunky aroma, with sweet almost vanilla like undertones. The flavor, as with the aroma, is reported to be skunky and fresh.


13 reviews for Island Pink Kush (AAA)

  1. Kim Brown

    If you’ve been experiencing pain, insomnia or anxiety, I’m here to tell you this is the perfect strain for you!

  2. Kyle Stones

    This is the best strain I have had, the effects last longer than any Kush I’ve ever had

  3. Godson

    Island Pink Kush is a relaxing, euphoric strain that offers zero room for anxiety. I took a few puffs before my presentation last week and it was able to help put me at ease during the entire event.

  4. Stan Stunpike

    I was going to smoke these to get high but I noticed my knee pain practically disappeared after I smoked this and I can’t wait to get more.

  5. Nicholas

    I just got my first bag of Island Pink Kush and I’m hooked! It’s better than any other strain I’ve tried.

  6. Jack Mellow

    I’ve been suffering from chronic back pain for about six months. I hate painkillers, so I rarely take them. Last week, though, I smoked this strain and haven’t needed an anti-inflammatory in days!

  7. Mark Lamar

    I was having a rough time after my girlfriend left me, until another friend introduced me to this strain. My life has been great ever since—I no longer get mood swings, and everything is colorful!

  8. Mikel

    I finally found the right strain for my insomnia. I’ve been tossing and turning every night, but this strain has put me to sleep!

  9. Jermaine

    If you have difficulty sleeping or anxiety and worry issues, this strain is for you! I have gone from worrying about everything to being able to relax, knowing that if something happens, I can handle it.

  10. Sandra Brooks

    Thank you for making such an amazing product. It has gotten me through some very rough times.

  11. Pete

    I discovered Island Pink Kush while talking to my friend, and ever since then I’ve been grateful. This strain is just so perfect, it takes away all the stress and anxiety as I go through my daily activities.

  12. Josh Kimt

    This product is amazing! It really helps me keep my appetite and not get too nauseous. It’s also a great anxiety reliever for me. It is definitely worth the cost!

  13. Bryan Fenton

    Surprised at the great reviews for this product. For me, it didn’t produce results or stay lit. The gastown menu has much better strains for less.

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