Laughing Monkey Gummy Worms (150MG)


Laughing Monkey Gummy Worms (150MG)

Each Bag Contains:

  • 6PC
  • 150MG THC Total
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What are Weed Edibles?
Cannabis edibles are infused candies, chocolates, gummies and drinks that contain cannabinoids like CBD and THC. They are an excellent alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis.

Why Buy Edibles Online in Canada?
If you’ve ever eaten a homemade edible and regretted it, you know why buying edibles online makes sense. Edibles promise a precise, predictable, and consistent experience.

What is the Edible Difference?
Edibles come on much slower than inhaled cannabis. Expect to wait at least 60 minutes for the full effects to appear. Remember, the effects will also last for at least six hours, making edibles great for medicinal relief.


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