Nepalese Temple Ball Hash


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Nepalese Temple Ball Hash, or hashish temple balls, are a type of hashish made with cannabis that has been processed by hand (charas). They are made by rubbing cannabis flowers between the palms to collect trichomes, which when mixed with the oils and warmth of the skin form a temple ball.


New cannabis users be warned, temple balls are not to be messed around with. A temple ball contains on average a 40% THC content – making it great for the treatment of pain. Users of temple balls report an intense high with a slow onset. Couchlock is commonly reported, but what else can you expect for a concentrate with over 40% THC!

Taste and Appearance

Nepalese Temple Ball Hash feature the distinct flavor of hashish, a dark and quite heavy floral flavor. Temple balls, as the name suggests, are spherical balls. The aging process leads to a crusty outer layer with a picture-perfect shine, and a creamy brown interior. As with most hashish, it is sticky and moldable with heat


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