Pink Diablo (AAA)


Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric
May Relieve: Depression, Anxiety, Pain
Flavors: Diesel, Pine, Skunky

(8 customer reviews)
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Pink Diablo is an Indica-dominant strain. We believe Pink Diablo is a cross between Pink Kush and Diablo, although we don’t know for sure. Regardless, we do know that it has a flavor profile consisting of pine, skunk, and diesel. This indica is just simply seductive! If you’re an indica lover, especially of the Pink Kush types, this bad boy will be up your alley.

It will help you relax and before you know it, you’ll be wishing you had more. This is that strain you smoke when you are done with the day and ready to just say fuck it, let’s chill out.


Pink Diablo strain is known for its powerful body-focused effects. Users report that when high, this strain brings a sense of relaxation and euphoria. Some say that they get some happy giggles while on this! This is the perfect strain to get your head in a positive and relaxed state. As you travel down the rabbit hole, you’ll notice your body feeling lighter and lighter.

You’ll even forget why you were stressed at all. Everything is gravy, baby. As the euphoria lifts away all your discomfort and stress, many reports feeling extremely positive and at ease. Be prepared to have lots of munchies ready since this one will increase your appetite. We recommend Pink Diablo for nighttime use!

Medical Effects

According to many in the medical marijuana community, the Pink Diablo strain is great for depression and stress, due to its powerful sedative effects. Pink Diablo strain is famous for being able to help treat chronic pain by numbing the body. Users also report it helps with inflammation and muscle spasms.

When the high settles, users report feeling completely loose from head to toe, with no distractions from the pain. Many use this strain to help treat insomnia and aid them in getting a good night’s rest.

8 reviews for Pink Diablo (AAA)

  1. Kenny

    It is a great muscle relaxer and stress reliever. Will melt the tension from your shoulders and quietly soothe muscle spasms. It is excellent for nighttime use. If you need to sleep, use it in high doses.. it seems to be helping me think about and process memories from a very long time ago!

  2. Felicia

    This flower is stronger, more intense head high than many other indicas I’ve smoked . It won’t put you to sleep quickly like many indicas, but it will eventually make you sleep if you take a high dose. This is also a great pain management strain. Cures my hip inflammation pain instantly while many strains only help a little bit. It is a good appetite stimulant also.

  3. Melvin

    This strain is so amazing. It gives full pain relief from back pains and a euphoria and happy high, great for chilling ,get prepared to eat , It will give you a extreme case of munchies. I graved mostly crunchy snacks on this one…Eat a lot of tortilla chips. This is strain is more fire.

  4. Rita

    I smoked this yesterday and its really good. It gave me an amazing body high. It helped relax my leg muscles. It was crazy. I smoked 2 bowls with a friend. I used a bong which I think is the best way to smoke. Try this strain.. its damn good!!

  5. Karen

    I really love this strain. It hits me slowly but it calms me down, helps me relax and makes me feel pretty happy. It also makes me happy and creative. The high usually lasts me for 3-4 hours when I smoke a little bit, but when I smoke a lot it takes me straight to sleep… the kind a person with insomnia needs.

  6. Jaden

    I use this strain at the end of the day. It helps me relax, reduces my anxiety, helps with my arthritis pain and puts me in a much better mood. Most strains do not medicate well enough. This one does the trick. I give it 5 stars just for the anxiety and pain relief.

  7. Harry

    Definitely made me feel so happy about everything, felt fun because I don’t actually be this happy when sober … this is a good strain for people suffering from depression.

  8. Philomena

    This strain gives an awesome high. I have constant anxiety attacks. I was recommended this strain by my friends. This is now my favorite strain because of the nice euphoric high. It is a different strain to my eyes. Easily my favorite.

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