Sticky Icky Sour Keys 160mg THC


May Cause: Happiness, relaxation, euphoria, creativity, hunger, and sleepiness
May Relieve:Headache, insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, muscle spasms, chronic pain, inflammation and more.
Strain: Hybrid
Shape: Keys
Flavor: Sour puckering fruit flavor
Ingredients: Natural cherry flavoring, glucose syrup, sugar, pectin, gelatin, citric acid, pure full spectrum cannabis oil (CO2 extracted, solvent less) natural and artificial flavors, carnuba wax, sodium citrate, fatty acids and color.
Each pack contains: 20mg THC per candy
8 Candies per pack
160 mg per pack

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Buy Sticky Icky Sour Keys 160mg THC

Sticky Icky is based in Vancouver BC and is one of the premier edibles & Sticky Icky Sour Keys makers. What separates Sticky Icky Sour Keys from the rest of the competition is the quality of the product. We at Sticky Icky uses only the purest THC oil.

We use pure full-spectrum cannabis oil that is Co2 extracted. This pure cannabis oil is solvent-less and FDA approved and it really shows in our edibles. Other companies use dirty or cheap cannabis oil and skimp on oil cut corners but not us.

At Sticky Icky we ensure that our products are the best edibles you can put in your mouth. Sticky Icky provides the best classic Sticky Icky Sour Keys favorites with a precisely measured dose of THC in every candy. Coated with sour puckering sugar, these edibles are sour at first but become sweeter and sweeter the longer it is in your mouth.

You won’t be able to taste the THC but you will sure feel it.

Made from our expert staff these THC edibles are measured with 20mg of THC on every candy, Sticky Icky Sour Keys and then topped with mind-puckering sour sugar. Each package contains 8 classic candies that will you back to your childhood. These edibles are Intended for all types of edibles 20mg of pure THC oil in every candy. With 10 candies in every pack, you will get a total of 160mg of THC per pack.


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